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Charity Work

Here at the Jubilee Nursery we enjoy working with our local community. We have recently completed a food bank collection our parents and staff did a great job and gathered lots of food for our local food bank. 

Advice for parents

We are often asked about help and advice for parents, or often just further information and clarification on processes around your child’s early year’s development and care. We have put together the most requested and shared tips, articles, useful links and resources for you here.

If you would like further information or would like us to add any more tips. Please send us an email or speak to The Jubilee  Nursery Manager.

Top Tips for Starting Nursery

Our Top Tips for Starting Nursery

Your child starting nursery can be very daunting but rest assured we are here to make it as easy as possible for both you and your child. 

You will have settle sessions for your child where you stay with the child for periods of time then after your intial settling in sessions you will be ready to leave 

  1. 1. Give yourself plenty of time in the morning before drop off whilst you adapt to new routines, especially in the first few weeks, so you can stay calm.
  2. 2. Remind yourself that this is another parenting stage and it will be just as rewarding as the previous stages. Your child will be having fun as they play and learn, in an environment where they are safe and cared for.
  3. 3. Bring your child’s favourite teddy or comforter with them if they have one. This can be especially helpful for your child to have during sleep times. they shouldn't need it for long but it will help them settle in.
  4. 4. Don’t be afraid to tell the nursery team what your child likes and dislikes and their home routines. Even if it seems trivial, it will help the team better understand your child’s personality.
  5. 5. Don't linger too long  say hello to the nursery team any updates they need to know and leave with a smile and a kiss for your child.
  6. 6. Do something you enjoy and un-parenty.
  7. 7. As long as you can be contacted, make plans and keep busy while your child is adjusting into their new routine. Try and have some time on your own before you go back to work.

And don’t forget, it’s only a first for you. We have settled in many children. Your child is in safe hands with us. 

What to pack in your child's nursery bag

What to pack for nursery?

We want you and your child to be prepared for a day at Nursery so we have prepared a handy list of what to pack in your child's Nursery bag.

  1. Changes of clothes including socks x 3 sets 
  2. A Sunhat  (Hat and gloves for winter)
  3. Suncream
  4. A coat (For Winter)
  5. Wellies (For Winter)
  6. Any prescribed medication (don't forget to fill out a medication form and give it to the staff when you arrive)

You will also need to provide your child's nappies, wipes and cream the nursery staff will notify you when you need to re-supply.

Home learning Ideas

Home learning ideas

Here at Jubilee Nursery we recommend home learning to reinforce your child's learning journey below are some ideas for you to do at home with your child. 

Shaving Foam Marble Print

Our 4 Favorite Toys for under 5's

Our favourite Toys,  for under 5's

We believe learning through play is really important. Below are our favourite toys. 

Water- Water is amazing it can be used in many ways, Fill an empty tray with balls, buckets ,Ice cubes, warm or cold with things that float and sink. You can also make water walls go  swimming in it and so much more.

Wooden Stacking Toys- We love wooden toys they are better for the environment than plastic and they are durable.  Stacking them is great for hand and eye co-ordination leaning about balance and spatial reasoning.  We like to make towers to see how tall we can make them before they fall.

A Cardboard Box - Cardboard boxes are great for a child's imagination and creativity there is so much you can do with a simple cardboard box, from colouring it in to imagining you are traveling to space. Children can have hours of fun playing with cardboard boxes and generally they are free so an inexpensive way to have fun.

Dirt- You might not think of dirt as a toy and yes it can get messy but you cant deny children love to get dirty. Dirt is definitely an outside toy but it is so versatile, it can be dug, spread and made in to mud. Not forgetting planting seeds in it and watching them grow.  

Our top 5 Books for under 5's

Our favourite Books,  for under 5's

Here at the Jubilee Nursery we love reading with the children in our care. Below are some great books to read with your under 5's 

  1. The tiger who came to tea- This book makes us laugh at what may happen if a Tiger came to tea.
  2. Dear Zoo- This book is a firm favourite and we really like the lift flap version where the children can guess what animals are under the flaps.
  3. Where the Wild Things Are- This book is all about imagination and sailing away to a far away land where the wild things are.
  4. Dogger- This book explores losing a favourite toy and then finding it again.
  5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar- This colourful Story book explores what happens after a caterpillar eats lots of food and grows into a brightly coloured butterfly.